Library Elementary; Newsstand High

B.A., Ernie Kovacs University of Visual Arts
M.A., Rod Serling School of Metaphysics

Mikie, Leo (and all the other dead guys)

A.S. Ashley (b. 1954) is a third generation native from Pasadena and a former resident of the Los Angeles’ Downtown Arts District. Ashley’s artwork includes painting, assemblage, ready-mades, sculpture, performance, and installation.

Whether using cultural imagery or exploring textured surfaces, Ashley’s paintings present an iconoclastic approach to our emblematic society. The scope of subjects, materials and techniques blur the line between the purely abstract and the carefully rendered.

Integrating found objects with sculpture and painting, Ashley's assemblages are constructed within a symbolic context examining social mores and practices.

Rather than serving a captive and sympathetic audience, Ashley prefers the spontaneity and chance that goes with “guerrilla” performance art. His method of translating form to function gained him national notoriety in 1979, when he was expelled from the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts for the controversial nature of his paintings. Subsequently, his reactive performance art drew the attention of the news media, the support of the ACLU, and a Superior Court ruling in Ashley's favor.

Ashley’s curatorial contribution to Los Angeles in the 80’s, Bakersfield in the 90’s, and Downtown Pomona in the 2000’s has promoted and mentored emerging artists while growing their respective art colonies. Ashley’s most recent efforts included co-authoring Pomona’s Cultural Master Plan and Public Art Ordinances, and assisting in their passage.