p a i n t i n g s m i x e d - m e d i a a s s e m b l a g e s   b i o c o n t a c t e x h i b i t s s t a t e m e n t





(an apology)

I apologize.

I apologize for all the artist statements you have suffered through, and all the ART supposed to resemble those statements. 

I apologize for anyone having to read this, or any artist’s statement, because the exhibit they are attending and/or viewing is so obscure it leaves them no choice.

I apologize that written words are needed to describe the purpose, form, and aesthetic value of a visual medium, because Lord knows, we couldn’t ever survive great literary works without pictures.

I apologize for the galleries that no longer care what anyone thinks or feels about anything other than to confuse you into believing everything they do and represent is relevant and significant.

I apologize for the horrific schlepping required to get to the galleries and exhibits around town. And the parking, THE PARKING! (I am so sorry...)

Finally I apologize for my artwork, all of it, and I’m grateful for you bothering to give my work any time or consideration. I’m willing to make every effort to help you navigate your way through it if necessary; if not,

I apologize.


A.S. Ashley